Is Stress At Work Only If You Lose Your Job?

Stress isn’t only if you are laid off or are let go, stress is in the work place no matter what. Getting laid off and/or your job being eliminated just adds to the stress of it all; sort of like waiting for the other shoe to drop syndrome. Some tips from counselling in  calgary will clear this for you.

Stress just seems to be everywhere in the world today, it is just sort of a fact of life. It is a fact that job related stress has increased significantly in the last decade due to the fast changing business and economic cycles with demanding workloads and job insecurity. It is now encouraged to have a backup profession you can go into just in case, which means some other kind of training and schooling; and that has an eliminate of stress involved with it also.

When we talk about work related stress we aren’t talking about the kind that is sort of healthy, like a small about of stress is sometimes to our benefit to help us perform good. We are talking about the kind of stress where the challenges are overwhelming and the work requirements are unrealistic; this type of stress is where it is damaging to the body and emotional state of the employee.

The real true story of this kind of stress is that the employee becomes less productive and then that turns into a vicious cycle of attempting to do a great job and overworking and stressing out and then becoming less productive and then back to stressing about that.

Taking a looking at stress, we can see that not all stress is bad; a good example of this is when you have a new baby, the adjustment to dealing with all the issues of the new baby in the household is stressful and also very exciting and wonderful at the same time. Dealing with stress will fluctuate from person to person; each person handles their life situations differently and the key is to pay attention to your stress levels and find tools to balance them out.

Visualization is a great tool to use for any kind of life situation you want to modify, manifest, or attract; it has been used for years now and even large corporations are starting to include this practice into their business plans and programs. Successful millionaires have used the practice for years and sort of kept it a secret, but now that this secret is out and more and more of us are using this technique to manifest what we want in our life; we are using this tool to our advantage.

To learn how to visualize there are many techniques and tools, I recommend Vision Map Videos as they are simple, easy and very productive; you can also put them on all of your electronic devises and carry them everywhere with you. You can also use meditation and master mind groups to accomplish and maintain your visualizations.

Stress does not …

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