Did you recently come across an ad of a counseling service called Faithful Counseling? If you didn’t know what this is, Faithful Counseling is one of those new online services which offer counseling with various religions, faith and other counselors backed by the Christian counselors. They have a different take on online therapy as they reference the belief system of the client in offering life advice and counseling. Faithful Counseling is owned by largest online therapy company, BetterHelp which is already used by thousands of clients. Here is a review of Faithful Counseling that you can go through.

Who are eligible for seeking help of Faithful Counseling?

In case you’re someone who is not particularly concerned about any specific religion or belief, you can work with BetterHelp, which is the most famous secular online therapy service. On the other hand, if belief is vital for you like spirituality, religion and faith, then Faithful Counseling is the best solution for your needs. In case you are of Christian religion, you will choose a counselor who uses Christ teachings and scriptures from the Bible as reference to counseling. This lets you follow the faith while getting help from the counselor.

In what way does Faithful Counseling work?

Whenever you sign up for this, you will be prompted to go through a quick survey. The survey lets you match with the best therapist for your requirement. In case you’re suffering from depression, they’ll match with a therapist who is an expert in curing depression. Once you’re matched with a therapist, you will be given login details of the website. Since then, you can log in, you can chat, video call and text with the counselor on a daily and weekly basis from either your smartphone or tablet.

How much will it cost?

Faithful counseling begins with $35 in a week and the cost that is asked is way lower than the standard therapy which costs you several dollars for a single session. By paying this $35, you can chat daily with the counselor either through the website or through the app. This is a rather bigger benefit over the standard therapy. When you’re able to check in with the therapist everyday, you can stay on track while dealing with any issue like alcoholism or depression. The standard therapists might not talk to you on a regular basis and hence it is better to seek help of Faithful Counseling.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the ways in which Faithful Counseling is better than traditional counseling, consider the above mentioned points.