The season of winter is well and truly underway and with it can be a host of bad feelings. After all, the days are longer and the weather is so much colder. Two things which our bodies don’t seem to take kindly to at all. As such, it is important to take steps to combat this during the winter months. Such actions can include:

Resist the Urge to Keep Eating

Extreme cold can have a big impact on our cravings – often we may start eating and just keep going with very little though. This is due to longer days and our bodies desire to source more serotonin, food is a quick fix for making us happy during the winter and so our body makes us crave it. Simple, effective and also potentially terrible for our waistline. Counteracting this, however, doesn’t have to be that difficult.

Try making your breakfasts as protein-packed as possible, that way you will be able to stem your cravings throughout the rest of the day. But, the best thing to do is to find healthier ways to make yourself happy during the colder weather. That way, at least, your waistband won’t have to suffer for it.

Take Omega 3 Supplements

We need fat in the winter, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t provide our body with healthy fats. Omega 3 is a high strength fish oil which can also be found in seeds and nuts. It typically helps to reduce joint pains, but in winter it can also be used as a health supplement to improve symptoms of depression often brought on by the shorter days.

Put More Mushrooms In Your Diet

Mushrooms are, above all other foods, great for their immune-boosting properties. That’s why adding lots more to your diet during winter is of vital importance. And luckily enough there are lots of different recipes where mushrooms can be the shining star of the meal, so there’s no excuse for missing out on this fab little health trick!

Add a Little Bit of Spiciness

Garlic, ginger and lots of other aromatic spices can do more than just add a bit of flavour to your meals over the Christmas period. They too, like the humble mushroom, have immune-boosting properties. Turmeric, in particular, has often been used in traditional Indian medicine in order to help people’s health over long periods of time. The active ingredient in this, curcumin, is also known in particular for its ability to combat heart disease and inflammation.

All in all, staying healthy in winter doesn’t have to be all that differently. So long as you are keeping your diet in the realm of healthy and avoiding the temptations of the season. Remember, your health is extremely important during the colder months and a little bit of help can allow you to avoid issues such as seasonal depression and the ever arduous common cold.