After a long career in construction, remodeling, and other types of contracting, you might only now have come to learn that your employer put you and your health at risk all of these years. As you enter retirement, you may face an uncertain future fighting illnesses caused by exposure to dangerous chemicals and toxins. You could incur expensive medical bills that might take every bit of your retirement savings to pay.

You may feel it is not fair that you are left to deal with the ramifications of the actions of your employer. After all, you would not have taken on so many contracting jobs had you known that they could inadvertently kill you years later. By taking legal action like hiring a lawyer, pursuing a settlement, and filing a hernia mesh lawsuit pittsburgh pa plaintiffs like you could get the justice and compensation that you deserve in court.

Placing the Blame on the Rightful Party

Even if your employer is sympathetic to your plight, it will probably still do everything it can to deny culpability. It will try to place the blame squarely on your shoulders and infer that you knew what kinds of risks you were undertaking all of the years during your career with the company. Your employer may also deny exposing you intentionally to poisonous substances.

Chances are as well that your employer has a team of lawyers ready to defend the company from your claim. You may not want to go up against a bevy of corporate lawyers on your own. You can get the help and representation you need to build a confident case in court by retaining a qualified personal injury lawyer in court.

Your lawyer can assess the facts of the case and subpoena evidence that will exonerate you in court. The judge and jury will see that your own actions did not lead to you making yourself sick. They also may agree you should not have to pay for your own medical bills or suffering on your own after reviewing the facts of the case.