Sombra cream are the future of the fight against aging industry, take advantage while it is quite new to get competitive prices. Cream and serum on stem cells are very active and can cause dryness due to rapid turnover of cells in the first weeks. Regular gentle exfoliation is recommended.

The skin begins to look much younger, smoother and tighter. Expert skin care does not use embryonic stem cells; it is not possible to include the material life of the product skin care. Instead, companies are creating specialized products in peptides and enzymes, or plant stem cells, when applied topically on the surface, protects skin cells, and defects or to promote skin creating new cells.

Vitamins A, E and coenzyme Q10 together create an additional cell protection against free radicals and also helps protect you from any visible signs of skin aging. Vitamin C breaks down collagenase and elastinase two substances naturally present in the body that attack collagen and elastin. Vitamin C is also a natural anti-inflammatory, which helps to reverse some of the effects of sun damage.

Research now shows that by improving the stability and longevity of skin cell natural matrix, or the effects with regard to the maintenance of cells Comendangered can be achieved. For the first time, this research can be applied to skin cells, allowing them to stay healthy and to create a skin eternal. Research shows that the polypeptide # 153 was introduced in the growth of stem cells, cell division and therefore the production of new skin cells takes place. Thus, the visual lines deep, fine lines, dryness and enlarged pores are effectively reduced.

According to the company’s traditional plant cells, the copy is only a possibility of these substances in small quantities far less powerful. Traditional cloning plant cells using harsh chemicals or impurities to play active cells. According to the manufacturer, the serum works to rejuvenate skin-cells and, of course, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sagging and dark. Sounds good, but it really works? The answer is, Yes!