You are what you absorb, as the (slightly modified) old saying goes. Gut health can have a huge impact on the body, way beyond what you might expect as a bad gut can increase the risk of disease and even disorders over a longer period of time.

As such, understanding your gut and how to work towards a healthy one is vital to the whole bodybuilding enterprise. The fact is that if you neglect your gut as you attempt to build your muscles, you could end up with many more problems for your body than you anticipated and there are health supplements and other techniques to avoid this.


What is Your ‘Gut’?

For many, the belief that the gut is simply the stomach is widespread. However, the gut actually encompasses your whole digestive system; starting from your mouth, then moving to your stomach, small intestines and finishing in the large intestines. It is a long line of individual parts, each performing separate jobs but working towards the same goal. In such a complicated system a ‘healthy’ gut isn’t always straightforward and it is not always something that you will be able to manage. But, it is important to strive towards a healthy gut at all times anyway.


How Do You Get a ‘Healthy’ Gut?

So, now on the to the important question: how do you actually improve and promote a ‘healthy’ gut in your system? Here are a few examples of how you can make it happen:

  1. Avoid Overusing Antibiotics – regularly using antibiotics can kill the bacteria in your stomach, which includes all of the good bacteria that your gut needs. This disrupts your natural gut bacteria diversity and so should be avoided.
  2. Fermented Foods – a source of good bacteria, fermented foods can help to improve the overall health of your good. Examples of this food include yoghurt, soy sauce, tofu, kefir, sauerkraut, tempeh and kombucha.
  3. Eat Less Refined Sugars – unhealthy for you in many ways, refined sugars also promote the growth of bad bacteria in your gut and so should be avoided.
  4. Lower Stress – surprisingly, there are neurons covering your intestines which send messages throughout your body. This means that there is a clear brain/gut connection. When stressed, your brain will send this message to your gut in the form of chemicals and this will affect the way that your gut works. Reducing stress means that these ‘bad’ chemicals will not be able to disrupt your gut health.
  5. Probiotics – a quality probiotics capsules can help bacteria in your stomach to thrive, as they help them survive your natural stomach acidity. This improved number of bacteria then help with digesting fibre, vitamin absorption and even to ensure regular bowel movement.

And there you have it, everything you need in order to ensure your body has a healthy gut in order to help and improve your bodybuilding efforts. After all, you cannot begin to grow your muscles without first ensuring the overall health of your body.