Need An MRI?

One of the most incredible inventions made in the last few decades has been the MRI. This remarkable device allows doctors to essentially take a picture of the areas below the skin without having to slice anyone open. It’s non-invasive and quite harmless. While a patient who is uncomfortable with smaller spaces may have some discomfort, by and large, the MRI is a soothing experience. They even have MRI machines that are now considered to be “open,” so those who have problems with smaller spaces can have a better experience. Those machines are built with more room, so it can also fit larger individuals as well.

The MRI utilizes a network of different imaging sciences such as magnetic and radio waves. With this, the MRI allows doctors to detect brain tumors, brain injuries from trauma, any development issues, multiple sclerosis, a stroke, dementia, a brain infection, and even the causes behind a headache. That’s just for the brain and neck, too.

MRI’s can go deeper and actually inspect your veins and arteries as well. So, for those who are concerned with the health of those vital pieces of their health, an MRI can give them a clue as to how healthy they really are. After all, if you have clogged arteries, you can be sure that your heart is working harder than it needs to in order to circulate blood flow. This could eventually lead to heart disease or cardiac arrest.

One last area, of the many that the MRI can examine, is the spine. For those who are concerned about a pinched nerve or spinal tumor, the machine can give doctors a look to see what is going on there. It can even detect small fractures.

Stay Healthy

For those want to prevent disease instead of reacting to it, you should look up imaging centers in Flushing NY and schedule an appointment with an MRI specialist today. It’s the best method to maintain your health.